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I loved the good old days when I could let my commissions roam free to anyone, but after you so-called big time deviants broke it by requiring makers to pay a fee for putting in their commissions. Well, you made me lose my reputation, patience, and happiness. I know this because I was turned down 5 times by the following: Lady2011, MHbarrel, Hybridmink, Tomycase, and 1 other that I couldn't remember the name of. That is my rant against you big time deviants!😡
Im starting a gun commissions contest of good tidings. The one with the most inspiring commission wins my respect and my friendship!

Here are the rules:
-Pixel art only
-Maximum of 3 attatchments
-No Melee weapons
-Put your name next to your art piece so I can tell who made what.
Got it? Good.
Expires on Halloween Night!